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10 Childhood Celeb Crushes Who Are Still Turning Heads And 10 Who Clearly Gave Up

A watershed moment that we’ve all gone through, when you are a child and you develop your first crush on a celebrity it can feel all encompassing. Despite that, once you grow up and begin to care about real-life romantic interests, it can be really easy to lose track of the stars that you used to like so much. Especially tough if the star in question is no longer a big deal; even in the case of those former celebrity crushes that are still going strong your interest level is likely greatly diminished. However, it is still interesting to look at where these former stars are today, no matter where their careers have gone. Realizing that inspired us to put together this list of 10 childhood crushes who are still turning heads and 10 who clearly gave up.

In order for someone to be considered for possible inclusion on this list, she first needs to have attained a certain level of fame in recent decades. Next, they need to be someone that many younger people at the time had a crush on, which means that we gave a premium to people that became stars at an early age. Finally, we then categorized them into groups of those that are still garnering a lot of attention and those that have largely faded away.


At one time an actor that seemed to be on the short list for every in-demand movie role for someone her age, Rachael Leigh Cook seemed poised to be a major movie star. Introduced to many people after she played the lead character in She’s All That, there was something about her performance in that movie that made people really grow to care about her. From there cast in a slew of other anticipated movies, including Get Carter, Antitrust, and Josie and the Pussycats, sadly none of those films were the hits her career needed. As a result of her never being able to catch lightning in a bottle a second time, things changed in no time at all and it seemed like the biggest casting directors forget her name.

Continuing to work as an actor off and on ever since she first rose to prominence, most of her projects have come and gone with no fanfare. That said, we are very happy to report that she appears to be very happy and content in her current life. A mother of two that has been interviewed about how she raises her kids several times in recent years, she is pretty great in these segments as her advice is helpful and she is frank about her shortcomings. Despite that and the roles she continues to take on, generally speaking, the world doesn’t take much notice of her these days.


We’re just going to say it, in recent Hollywood history there is a pretty compelling argument to be made that Jessica Alba is the hottest female star. As such, when she first rose to prominence at a young age, there were many viewers that had a major crush on her. At one time a television star, she played lead roles in both Flipper and Dark Angel. However, she is far better known for her many film roles, including starring in several franchises including Fantastic Four, Sin City, and Machete. On top of that, she was a big part of a long list of standalone films too like Idle Hands, Honey, Good Luck Chuck, and many more.

Continuing to show up in movies and TV shows here and there these days, on top of that, Jessica Alba has a whole new career going.

A co-founder of The Honest Company, the core concept of the business is selling products that are ethical and lack chemicals that many parents are alarmed by. Quoted on her company’s website, she says she created the business out of a desire to have “safe, effective products that perform.” The co-founder of a business that has been valued at over a billion dollars in the past, these days, Alba turns heads with each acting role and as an accomplished businesswoman.

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