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10 Genuine Points Of Interest About The Knights Templar

In gentle of such movies as The Da Vinci Code and, to a lesser diploma, Nationwide Treasure, the Knights Templar have loved a revival of curiosity of their much-storied historical past. That historical past is one the place the traces of legend and reality aren’t a lot blurred as rubbed out altogether. As such, the group stays an enigma to many right this moment.

The affect of the Knights Templar in historical past is plain. What’s extra, to some, that affect remains to be felt right this moment. Listed here are ten intriguing factors of curiosity regarding probably the most highly effective and revered organizations on document, and one whose true historical past continues to be studied right this moment.

10. The Shock At The Battle Of Bannockburn

In the summertime of 1314, a small, exhausted, and pieced collectively (however efficient) resistance inflicted probably the most stunning defeats on among the best armies in English historical past. The Scots had been outnumbered no less than two-to-one (some put these figures as excessive as five-to-one), and their victory, no less than on paper, simply shouldn’t have occurred.

The English ought to have defeated the Scots with ease. Regardless of their current victories, the Scots had been now severely outnumbered and had been beginning to succumb to the grind of such battles. The engagement ended, nevertheless, with the English military retreating in a panic, with the boys trampling one another to loss of life making an attempt to flee.

Solely the Knights Templar had been so feared on the time, and given the connections they already needed to Robert the Bruce by means of the Sinclair household (who themselves had entered England after which in flip Scotland from France with William the Conqueror in 1066), it is sensible to assume they’d come to the aide of their good friend and ally when required. Certainly, it has been claimed that many Templars got here to Scotland through the years previous to the battle, and their presence tipped the scales.

9. Did The Knights Templar Develop into The Freemasons?

Following the orders for his or her arrest by King Philip IV of France, mixed with the varied “inquisitions” of the time, the Knights Templar would discover in the end start discovering sanctuary in Scotland from 1307 onward. Scotland was one of many few locations providing them security, with Portugal being the opposite. That is partly the explanation for the Templars having such giant numbers in Scotland on the time of the battles between the Scots and England.

Following the aforementioned Battle of Bannockburn, it’s mentioned that Robert the Bruce established the very first Scottish Masonic lodge, which, in actuality, was a beacon to different Knights Templar additionally looking for sanctuary.

Whereas Robert himself was a member of this lodge (basically making him one of many first “Freemasons”), so had been key members of the Sinclair household, who had fought alongside Robert in opposition to the English in a number of key battles earlier than the well-known one at Bannockburn. The Sinclairs had been—and nonetheless are—an influential household line. Apart from their contributions to the Masons (and the Templars earlier than that), as we are going to have a look at over our subsequent entries, they had been additionally vital contributors to many mysteries nonetheless contemplated right this moment.

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