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10 Heartbreaking Tales Of Faithful Dogs


Dogs are well-known as a human’s best friend. Some people may prefer cats, but if you want a pet that will show you affection and care whether you live or die, then a dog is the pet for you.The loyalty which makes dogs such devoted friends is so strong that it can last unto death and beyond. Here are 10 stories of faithful dogs that will make you want to hug your best friend extra tightly.

10. Shep

In 1936, a shepherd in Montana became ill in the field and had to be rushed to the hospital. His dog, Shep, refused to be separated from his owner and followed the man, whose identity is unknown, to the hospital. While Shep waited for his master at the hospital doors, he was fed by a local nun. Unfortunately, the shepherd died.When the man’s body was carried to the local train station to be transported home, Shep followed. Workers at the station remember the dog whining as the casket was loaded onto the train and sped away from the faithful dog.For the next five years, Shep remained by the train tracks. As each train arrived (around four trains a day), he would carefully examine each person who got off as if searching for his master. Shep became famous because of his long vigil and was fed by the staff at the station. As he aged, he became deaf and failed to hear an approaching train. It struck and killed the loyal dog. Shep now has a bronze statue set up in Fort Benton to recognize his patient wait to be reunited with a friend who would never return.


9. Capitan

When Manuel Guzman died in 2006, his beloved dog, Capitan, disappeared from the family home. No one saw the dog for a week until he turned up at his master’s grave. The family had never taken Capitan to the site, so it is a mystery as to how he found Guzman’s grave. Now when the Guzman family visits the graveyard every Sunday, they go to see Martin’s resting place and to check that Capitan is doing well. They had tried to take Capitan home several times after he first went to the grave, but he escaped to return to his owner’s side.Sometimes, the dog will leave the graveyard to go to the family home. But he always returns at night to rest beside his master. The staff at the cemetery has taken over the task of feeding the loyal dog. They say that he will wander around the site during the day but lies down on his master’s grave at 6:00 PM sharp. As of today, Capitan is still waiting for his master.


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