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10 Movie Concepts You Won’t Believe Exist In Real Life

Movies can be a little over the top. It definitely takes suspension of disbelief to sit through an action movie without rolling your eyes at the crazy antics exploding all over the screen.Usually, it’s something we just accept as part of the fantasy, but the filmmakers sometimes go too far.

At times, it’s all you can do to keep from storming out of a theater complaining that this nonsense is just too unbelievable.But maybe we ought to be a bit more patient because reality can be pretty unbelievable, too. Some of the craziest things we’ve ever seen on the silver screen have played out in real life—whether you believe it or not.

10. People Who Can Deflect Bullets With A Sword

The idea of cutting a speeding bullet out of the air is so ridiculous that most movies don’t even bother trying to pass it off as possible. If you see somebody in an action movie blocking a bullet with his sword, they usually find some way to justify it. They’ll give him psychic powers or magic to keep it from being too ridiculous. After all, everyone knows that people can’t do that in real life, right?Well, at least one person can. His name is Isao Machii, and he’s the world’s fastest swordsman. After years of practicing cutting things up in midair, Machii let a woman shoot him with a BB gun just to see how fast he really was.The pellet fired out at 320 kilometers per hour (200 mph), moving so quickly that it went from the gun to Machii’s head in less than one-third of a second. And still, Machii managed to cut it out of the air with a samurai sword.

In principle, Machii’s reflexes should be physically impossible—but he pulled it off. Machii knocked the BB pellet out of the air, even nicking a piece of the pellet off with the stroke of his sword.

9. The Sharknado

Of all the movies that could have come true last year, Sharknado was probably the last one we would’ve predicted. A tornado pulling sharks out of the ocean and sending them whirling over a city in a cyclone of destruction isn’t exactly the threat that gets people to shell out money for a premium insurance policy.

And yet, it happened.In March 2017, for the first time in recorded history, the world experienced a Sharknado. While Cyclone Debbie was ravaging the coasts of Australia, one unfortunate bull shark’s pleasant swim in the ocean came to an unexpected end. The cyclone picked the shark up, twirled it through the air, and threw it directly at the town of Ayr, where it landed in the middle of the road.Fortunately, nobody was hurt. The shark landed outside during a flood while everyone in the town was staying indoors. When the storm ended, they found it—a massive bull shark lying in the middle of the town road.Granted, one shark is a relatively minor Sharknado as far as Sharknados go. But it was a Sharknado. And you can’t take that away from us.

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