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10 Terribly Dysfunctional Royal Weddings

With the royal marriage ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle approaching, it’s helpful to look again by way of the historical past of royal weddings to see what we are able to anticipate. Actually, there can be bunting, desserts, and flag waving. If they’re fortunate, the worst factor that can occur can be minor royalty turning up in unflattering hats.

However it could be finest to plan for the worst, and historical past offers plenty of examples of issues to keep away from in your marriage ceremony day. Listed here are 10 of probably the most disastrous royal weddings of all time.

10. George IV And Caroline Of Brunswick

There are numerous causes for a royal marriage ceremony to happen. Diplomacy, inheritance, and even love can all be urgent causes. In George IV’s case, it was cash that made all of the distinction.

Whereas nonetheless a prince, he fell into enormous debt that the British parliament solely agreed to repay if he made an acceptable marriage. His cousin Caroline of Brunswick was chosen for this honor and wooed with flattering portraits of the somewhat corpulent prince. She arrived in Britain to satisfy her future husband. Issues didn’t go effectively.

If Caroline discovered George disappointing, then it was nothing in comparison with George’s impression of her. He thought that she was fats, ugly, quick, and pungent from by no means washing. He embraced her and fled, remarking to his good friend, “Harris, I’m not effectively. Pray, get me a glass of brandy.”

George resorted to alcohol to get by way of the marriage ceremony just a few days later. By the night of their marriage ceremony day, the groom was so drunk that he collapsed into the hearth and slept there till morning. The couple managed to have one youngster earlier than separating ceaselessly.

When it was time for George’s coronation, he banned his spouse from attending. She needed to be pushed away from the occasion at bayonet level.


9. Henry VIII And Anne Of Cleves

Nobody would name Henry VIII a great husband. He pressured England to interrupt away from Catholicism to do away with his first spouse. He accused his second spouse, Anne Boleyn, of adultery and incest and had her beheaded. When his third spouse died after the beginning of Henry’s a lot longed-for male inheritor, the king began searching for a fourth to exchange her.

Sadly, the marriageable noblewomen of Europe weren’t all eager to have him. When he pursued the tall Marie of Guise as a bride, she quipped, “I could also be large in particular person, however my neck is small.” The attractive Christina of Denmark was one other potential bride, however she remembered the destiny of Anne Boleyn, too. Christina stated, “If I had two heads, one ought to be on the king of England’s disposal.”

In the long run, Henry was satisfied to marry Anne of Cleves. He had been despatched a flattering portrait of her, and his minister, Thomas Cromwell, stated that Anne excelled different ladies’s magnificence “because the golden Solar excels the silver Moon.”

When she arrived in England, Henry chivalrously rode by way of a storm to shock her with items. He burst into her room. Instantly, he was upset. He stalked from the room whereas declaring, “I like her not.”

It was too late for the king to again out, and the wedding went forward. Henry groused to Cromwell, “My lord, if it have been to not fulfill the world and my realm, I’d not try this I need to do that day for none earthly factor.”

Henry discovered Anne’s physique disgusting and refused to consummate the wedding, annulling the union the identical 12 months. Maybe Anne was fortunate. She outlived Henry and led a contented life in England with out the king as her husband. Cromwell bought the axe for forcing the king into this marriage.


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