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10 Out-Of-This-Universe Ideas About Time Travel

Time travel captivates the imaginations of many. We see time travel in plenty of movies, such as the Terminator and Back to the Future franchises. There are even those among us who believe certain people to be time travelers. As of today, we have no proof that there are, in fact, time travelers among us. All the time travelers we know are from the silver screen. What we do have today are theories about how time travel may be possible and how it would work.

10. Einstein’s Theory Of General Relativity

The first theory on this list is Einstein’s theory of general relativity.This theory helped physicists theorize about how time travel could exist. The theory of general relativity discusses how objects in space create a distortion on the space-time continuum, which we know as gravity. Now, gravity does not lead to time travel, but it has created phenomena (both known to exist and theorized) that could lead to time travel.Physicists have used this theory to come up with and explain wormholes and black holes.


We will discuss both of these phenomena further in this list. Both of these “holes” are theorized to be ways that time travel could exist. Without Einstein’s theory of general relativity, physicists would not have been able to connect wormholes and black holes to potential time travel.

9. Wormholes

The second theory that we will look at is one of a lot of hope but no real proof. Wormholes have not been proven to exist. No wormhole has ever been found in space, but scientists still think they may be there.

Even though no wormholes have ever been identified, physicists believe they may exist by looking at Einstein’s theory of relativity.If wormholes do indeed exist, they may be the answer to traveling through time. It is theorized that wormholes are shortcuts through space and time. This could mean if someone entered a wormhole, they could travel to another part of the universe or through time. Another issue with this theory is that if wormholes did exist, they would be so small that a person couldn’t even fit into them, this would make it impossible, then, for a spacecraft to fly into one. Although there is no proof that wormholes exist, this theory is one of the leaders to why time travel may one day be possible.


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