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15 Celeb Kids Who Look Nothing Like Their Parents

Many people have children because they want to see part of themselves continued on in this world. It’s an age-old urge, and for some people, it’s a way to ensure that their genes will still be around long after they’re gone. Having a miniature version of yourself running around is one of the biggest novelties of having children. And it’s really interesting to see which parent the child takes after in terms of appearance, personality, and habits. And just like everyone else, celebrities have a strong urge to have children and see themselves represented in the next generation.

But what happens when your child looks nothing like you? Sometimes, it’s just the luck of the draw. Genetics can seem like a total lottery at times, and for whatever reason, kids can come out looking nothing like either parent. Sometimes this even prompts parents to take DNA tests in order to see if the child really is theirs! But at the end of the day, the most common explanation is just a simple “genetic anomaly.” And it’s really interesting to see this happen with celebrities, too. Even if their parents are the most beautiful people on Earth, there’s no actual guarantee that their children will share their good looks! Here are some celebrity children who look nothing like their parents.


Perhaps one of the most striking examples of a child who looks nothing like their parents is Neymar Jr’s son, Lucca. Neymar is of course the Brazilian superstar soccer player who is considered one of the best in the world. He recently moved from Barcelona FC to Paris St. Germaine, and is probably going to be one of the standout players this summer in the FIFA World Cup. Many have commented on how his son looks nothing like him, and it’s easy to see why.


At first, the identity of the baby’s mother was not known, but eventually Neymar revealed her to be Carolina Nogueira Dantas. If you see pictures of her, you will understand where the baby got that blonde hair and fair skin. But it’s still rather strange, as typically the genes for blonde hair and fair skin are not dominant. Nine times out of ten, you will see those genes become recessive, and the resulting baby will have darker hair and skin, just like Neymar.


Jessica Alba is another proud parent, and she has two girls. Although the actress has taken some time away from Hollywood in recent years, she is fully devoted to being a mother, and she’s also started several successful businesses. Jessica Alba is best known for playing beautiful, sometimes alluring love interests, as she did in Sin City, Fantastic Four, or Good Luck Chuck. But nowadays, she’s best known as a great mom and a loving wife.

On the set of Fantastic Four, Alba met Cash Warren, and they were soon married. This couple has three children together; two daughters and a son. Her eldest daughter, Honor Marie, is the spitting image of her mother, but the same cannot be said for her youngest girl, Haven. Looking at this charming little girl (pictured on Alba’s lap), it’s not clear where exactly she gets her appearance from. Somehow, she was born with red hair and a very different facial structure.


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