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15 Celeb Valentine’s Gifts That Broke The Bank

Valentine’s Day originally began with the Romans, when it was a lively festival where men stripped down on February 15th to spank young maidens in the hope of increasing their fertility. Today for many of us it’s the first consumerist based Hallmark holiday after the New Year, and a chance to send a small gesture to show our appreciation to our BAE.

If you’re an average Joe, Valentines Day usually involves chocolate, flowers, a romantic dinner at a favourite restaurant, and maybe some of those cute heart shaped candies adorned with random but cute messages. If you’re feeling particularly amorous and generous, it may involve some frosting care of some diamond earrings, which tend to be a splurge purchase for monumental occasions.

For a celebrity, holidays like Valentine’s Day can be an excuse to flex your financial muscle and show your loved ones how much you care through an epically grand gesture. While flowers and gems may be enough for most of us, these celebs have decided to spend more than most of us spend on an engagement ring, all in the name of love and excess. Here are 15 lavish celebrity Valentine’s Day Gifts that broke the bank.

15. Kim Kardashian’s Bling Ring – $73,000


Back before the infamous Paris robbery Kim was a lot more open about airing her ‘family jewels’ on social media. While she’s still one for sharing, odds are she’s not about to advertise the specific price point of her accessory budget online any time soon.

It should be noted that Kanye once bought Kim a Hermes Birkin bag that was personally painted by their daughter North for 16 thousand dollars, which I’m guessing most of us wouldn’t let children anywhere near. One to always outdo himself, Kanye took his Valentine’s Day gift for his precious Kimmy seriously and splurged on a Panthere De Cartier Cuff at a reported cost of 73 thousand dollars. We wonder what these two lovebirds have planned for this year!

14. Katy’s Lilac Car For Russell Brand – $341,000

What guy doesn’t want a hot car specified to his own personal tastes? While Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s relationship didn’t last for the long haul, it was certainly grandiose and filled with pretty pastel, and sugar coated things.

Perry decided that the perfect V-Day gift for her then hubby was a car, but not just any car. Perry needed a car that was unique, flashy, and famous, to match Russell Brand’s own personal flare – he’s certainly not the sort to drive around town in a Dodge Caravan. The singer opted for a lilac purple Bentley Brooklands. The cost for the car was $341,000 dollars, more than most pay for their homes, but who can put a price tag on love, even when it is fleeting?


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