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15 Celebs We Feel Weird About Finding Attractive

Who gets to decide who’s attractive and who’s not? As much as we’d like to believe no one has the right to judge on matters related to beauty and attractiveness except the beholder, we’ve fallen into the trap Hollywood has set for all races in the world. According to what we get from Hollywood, no one is attractive if he or she doesn’t look like any of the Photoshopped models on the covers of magazines or on commercials.

This situation is so sad because there’s little someone can do to improve his or her appearance in any way, unless if that particular individual has tons of cash to waste on enhancements. Some doctors turn beautiful women, who want to fit the description that Hollywood has set for beauty, into terrible looking individuals.

If everyone out there, especially the ladies, would understand that their beauty lies in their heart as well as their unique physical features, fewer people would get enhancements. No one should ever aspire to look like someone else, unless if they’re acting a role in a movie.

Below is a list of 15 female celebrities who we feel weird finding attractive because of the unfair standards set by Hollywood. In addition, some women are here because some awful people called them ugly or weird, and as a result, many other people have followed in their awful ways. Most of these women are extremely successful, and they became the success they are today by seeing the beauty that lies within.

15. Rumer Willis

This is the beautiful Rumer Willis. She is Demi Moore and Bruce Willis‘ oldest daughter. Unlike many celebrities in Hollywood who have no talent, Rumer is a triple threat. She’s an exceptional actress and singer, both skills that are so evident in her recurring role in FOX’s Empire whereas winning the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars alongside Valentin Chmerkovskiy says a lot about her dancing skills.

Rumer is on this list because over the years, people have made fun of her appearance. During an interview a few years back, she explained, while fighting back tears, how growing up as a teenager was tough, because people would always compare her with her stunningly beautiful mother. People used to call her potato head and butter face, with the latter name meaning everything about her body was great except her face.

Although she’s truly beautiful, has an amazing body, and is exceptionally talented, those people who unfairly compare her with other celebrities make it hard for many other people to find her attractive.

14. Maggie Gyllenhaal

When you get to hear about the weird experiences today’s Hollywood celebrities went through when they were starting out, you’d be shocked. Although people used to think that Hollywood has changed a lot since the days when women could only get a role if they were super-hot and looked younger than their age; little has changed.

Great actresses like Maggie Gyllenhaal have been told many times they’re not sexy or pretty enough to make it in Hollywood, but thank goodness they continued to push through and become the celebrities we love today. At one point, she failed to get a role because she looked too old to play the lover of a 55-year-old man, yet she was 37.

Such reports make it hard to claim that Gyllenhaal is an attractive woman without being judged. Yet the truth is although she might not look like the young swimsuit models on the covers of magazines, she’s a very beautiful woman.