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15 Celebs So Petite, They Can Save Money Buying Kids’ Clothes

It can be hard to tell in photos sometimes, but there are some seriously petite celebrities out there. It’s not until you see them with their men that you take a step back and realize that these women are très petite! They definitely make interesting pictures when they stand beside their, oftentimes, very tall husbands.

Whether it’s actresses, musicians, or just celebrities, these are some of the smallest women in the industry. It’s surprising because some of these women have big personalities and some of them are badasses, so it takes you by surprise when you realize just how little they are. Most of these women are under 5 feet!

It’s funny when you see Jada Pinkett Smith beside her handsome husband, Will Smith, that’s when the real height difference comes into effect. These ladies are so petite, they could easily go into the children’s clothing line and save a buck or two. Check out these 15 celebs who are so petite that they could save money by purchasing kids’ clothing.

15. Lady Gaga Is 5’1″


It’s hard to tell sometimes how tall Lady Gaga is because her clothing is often very distracting. You probably didn’t even consider her height when you were staring at her meat outfit. She is known to wear some of the most bizarre outfits on the red carpet and maybe at the end of the day, she is trying to distract us from the fact that she is only 5’1.” It’s hard to believe considering what an amazing powerhouse this woman is when she’s on stage, but it’s true. Of course, when she is wearing those insanely high-heel shoes, it’s really hard to tell how tall she is. The secret is out, however, and she’s not able to hide it any longer. It’s not surprising that we never see her in flats, ever! We understand why, she would look like a little girl if she did.

14. Ellen Page Is 5’1”

Ellen Page became a Hollywood name after Juno and she’s been a hit ever since. It was pretty obvious right from the get-go that she was a pretty small human. She was cute as a button with a big pregnant belly in that movie and since then, she has been in movies with some big names like Leonardo DiCaprio. She recently was in the remake of Flatliners, a movie that was made famous by Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland. Even all dolled-up, she still looks like a little kid. She stands at 5’1” tall and she will probably always look young because of her height. She’s also been quite the advocate for LGBTQ. Despite her height, she commands a lot of attention when she is on set.


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