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15 Celebs Who Are Such Slobs, Not Even A Cleaning Crew Can Help Them


There are slobs all over the world, but we always have bigger expectations when it comes to a celebrity. They are supposed to be rich and glamorous and the last thing that we would expect is that they live like slobs. For one thing, celebrities can hire housekeepers and maids, so it’s a bizarre thought indeed when we see them posting Instagram pictures that have unreal things going on in the background. For one thing, you think you would look at your surroundings before you took a picture that you are going to share with millions of followers.

Having said that, for the everyday folk, when we see mega-wealthy celebrities living in pigsty, it really puzzles us. Seriously, they could have around-the-clock care and it wouldn’t make a dent in their fortune. Maybe these celebrities don’t hire help because they don’t want their personal lives to be the next Hollywood gossip leaked by a staff member.

Many people dream of being rich and famous because they never want to have to do the dishes again or fold laundry and yet, these celebrities are really embarrassing themselves in public photos. What’s even funnier is seeing the photos they post when they are dressed in glamorous outfits with their hair and makeup done and yet, it looks like a bomb went off in the background. These celebrities are dirty and they don’t seem to care who knows about it. Check out there 15 celebs who are such slobs, not even a cleaning crew can help them.



Between her and Kanye, these two have bags of money and plenty of staff and yet, her closet looks like this. But from what we hear, when she does this to her closet, she typically tends to walk away and leave it for her assistant or other staff members to clean up. When Keeping With The Kardashians first aired, before Kim was really famous, there was a scene where her mother came home and found the house a mess.

She went on to tell her daughter that no man would be interested in a woman who was a slob.

We guess she sure proved her mother wrong on that one. This photo was taken in her closet as she was trying to determine what to wear. Shockingly, this photo received over a million likes.


If you are a fan of the MTV reality show Geordie Shore, which is obviously a spinoff show from Jersey Shore, then you probably have seen these things. It’s always surprising to us that people love watching these shows.

Gaz Beadle posted some snaps one time of the living conditions in the house that the cast was staying in and to say it was repulsive is the understatement of the year.

The pictures showed not only a huge mess all over the house, but stains on the carpets and bedding. There was clothing thrown all over the place and we couldn’t count how many beer bottles there were lying around. It was worse than a frat house and we have to wonder how people are just okay living in their own filth. Sometimes, money doesn’t buy you any class.


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