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15 Character Ideas From Vince McMahon That Almost Tanked WWE


Let’s be honest right from the beginning here, for those of you who don’t know this already, professional wrestling is no longer officially considered a sport. There was a time when it was considered a sport and your local newspaper (remember those?) used to actually put match results in the sports section. All of that has changed since Vince McMahon Jr. took over and has turned it into a mockery of what it once was. It got to the point where he eventually was forced to legally make the change to an ‘entertainment company’, thus decertifying the sport from a, well, a sport. Today everyone knows that it is entertainment and it has very scripted storylines. People are aware that the outcome of just about every single match is predetermined.

With that “entertainment” title, there has to be a high level of actual entertainment that comes with it. The WWE is never lacking on that front and from the successes has to come failures. That’s how success actually happens. You have to try and fail at things in order to learn what works and what doesn’t. The WWE has brought us some of the most famous characters of all time. They give us great storylines and tremendous matches. That’s not always the case though. There have been countless failures that McMahon has come up with over the years. So many in fact, that we can’t name them all here. So today we will look at some of the worst ideas for characters ever to come from the brain of Vince McMahon.


Steve Lombardi made a decent career for himself in the world of professional wrestling. He spent a lot of time in the ring under his real name but he also played a character that Vince McMahon invented called The Brooklyn Brawler. This guy was kind of a poor man’s Adrian Adonis from back in the day the leather-clad villain terrorized the AWA and WWF.


Lombardi started his time in the WWF with a tag team partner named The Red Rooster (Terry Taylor). He broke up the tag team to pursue a solo career and that’s when The Brawler was invented. The Red Rooster didn’t make this list today for the very simple reason that we ran out of space. But that doesn’t mean the character didn’t deserve a spot.

The Brooklyn Brawler dressed like he had just climbed out of a dumpster in a New York alleyway. He was dirty, overweight and lacked any real wrestling skills. Now you know why he was only around for about four years. Not a bad stay though for such a bad character.


Mike Droese was lucky enough to have Vince McMahon turn him into Duke “The Dumpster” Droese. The Dumpster was a garbage man who moonlighted as a professional wrestler back in 1993. During the day he was a fearless garbage man and each night after work he’d climb into the ring and got into feuds with Jerry “The King” Lawler and Triple H. The character was laughable and not many fans took him seriously. He used to bring a garbage can into the ring with him and one time Lawler took it and smashed it over Droese’s head on television. Lawler subsequently was forced to apologize to him on the air for committing such a hardcore act for those times.

In 1992 Droese was named on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s first ever top 500 wrestlers in the world list. It was called “PWI 500” and Droese was listed as #500. This prompted fans to chant “500” whenever he entered the ring. He was only around for about two years before the character was tossed out.


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