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15 Most Expensive Things Lindsay Lohan’s Korean Hulk Brags About On Instagram

Long gone are the days of Lindsay Lohan‘s prime years when she was the hottest name in Hollywood. Since then, the industry seems to have completely dropped her as her film appearances got fewer while she continued making the news for all the wrong reasons. From arrests to fights, Lohan was the center of controversy for several years and was on a destructive path that had worried her fans. Although she may not be Hollywood’s sweetheart anymore, she has still a huge following today.

And thankfully, her antics seem to have stopped for the most part, and she hasn’t been in any trouble with the law. Perhaps she cleaned up her act which is great to hear, especially after having seen her struggle so much for the past decade. These days, she has been the talk of the media due to her connection to Je-yong Ha, also known as The Korean Hulk.

The nickname is self-explanatory. As you can tell by the photos, he may not be tall at all but his body is huge. He claims to be a business man who travels the world and splits his time between Seoul, Dubai, and Moscow. He has reportedly opened several restaurants and clubs around the world. His Instagram following has reached 307K followers, an impressive feat, to say the least, but people have taken an interest to see his lavish lifestyle. Today, we look at the 15 most expensive things Lindsay Lohan’s Korean Hulk brags about on Instagram.

15. His “Flashy” Fur Coats


There was a time when fur coats were very popular, but that has diminished in the past decade. Korean Hulk didn’t get the memo, or maybe he just doesn’t agree with the anti-fur movement. During his interview with GQ, he spoke about his love for fur coats and the reasons behind it. As you probably guessed, it has to do with style and standing out in public.

He claims to have an entire collection that would impress most people, and the coat above was just one of his latest additions from a few months ago.

In case you didn’t know, fur coats are very expensive, especially when they are as authentic as the one above. At this rate, he will have plenty of critics for choosing to invest in fur coats at a time when they are frowned upon, although that may be more common in the western culture than elsewhere.

14. Flashy Jewelry (Who Doesn’t Love Jewelry?)

Recently, GQ reached out to Korean Hulk to learn more about the mysterious man. Although he denied dating Lindsay Lohan and claimed to only be a close friend, he did reveal some information about his personal life. He claims to have plenty of interest, including jewelry as you can tell in the photo above.

Some say that you can never have enough jewelry and Korean Hulk is living proof,

as he shows off his expensive watch, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Some may think that he is only stunting for his Instagram followers, but jewelry is a common theme among his photos. We can’t blame him because who doesn’t really love jewelry? And as they say, if you have it, then show it off. Korean Hulk seems to live by that as he is never one to shy away from showing us how good he has it.


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