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15 Random Things Tom Cruise Loves To Spend His Money On


Actor Tom Cruise is one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood today. He has been acting in feature films for years, and his thousands of fans come to the theatres in droves to see the seasoned actor on the big screen. Love him or hate him, there is something about Cruise that is charming and charismatic. He is known to be a hard worker and those who work with him admire his determination and dedication to the craft.

While Cruise’s personal life has been a topic that tabloids love to delve into, Cruise still manages to keep his cool, for the most part, and lands some of the most coveted roles on film. He is no spring chicken, yet Cruise has no trouble doing his own amazing stunts in action films or playing the leading man role in romantic scenarios.

And with all his hard work comes a nice living — better than nice. Cruise rakes in millions of bucks and the money keeps pouring in year after year. This lucky dude is set for life, and then some. That is why he is a big-time spender, purchasing all sorts of stuff that most of us will never see.

He shamelessly shells out the loot for himself as well as those he cares about — his family, friends, and co-workers. Some may say his spending is over-the-top, but if they had the same kind of money, they may very well do the same.

Here are 15 random things Cruise loves to spend his money on. Wasteful or warranted? You be the judge.


Tom Cruise likes to cruise — on his motorcycles, that is.

In fact, he purchased his very first one at the tender age of 12.


He saved up in order to make the grand purchase, and ever since, he has been smitten with riding on two wheels. Are you even allowed to ride one of these at just 12 years old? Nevertheless, Cruise got his motorcycle and learned the real value of a hard-earned buck. Now that he’s got millions of them in the bank, it must not be as big of a deal for him to buy a bike, but he surely will not ever forget what it took to buy that very first one. With the need for speed, Cruise is on a wind-whipping mission to hit the open road fast and furious.


Unless you live under a rock or you could care less about pop culture, then you know that actor Tom Cruise is deep into the world of Scientology. And not only does he practise what he preaches, but he donates tons of money to the controversial church.

Allegedly, Cruise has already forked over more than $2.5 million, gaining him “Platinum Meritorious” status within the church.

And as long as Cruise keeps making lots of money, all signs point to the notion that he is likely to keep contributing to the cause. When you’ve got so much money, what’s a couple million anyway? Scientology is Cruise’s mission, so the millions are surely worth it. The leaders of the church must appreciate Cruise’s devotion and donations, making him a shining example of what giving back means.


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