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15 Reasons Why Hollywood Dropped Jessica Alba


It is startling to believe that Hollywood won’t cast the gorgeous Jessica Alba anymore, but that is currently the matter of fact for the spandex-clad Sin City actress. Back in the mid-2000s, when Alba was every man’s Hollywood “it girl” to watch on the big screen, everyone thought she would gain ultimate fame in Hollywood — she was like the girl next door. In the 2000s she was hot professionally; she was the starring actress in many rom-coms and was also credited as an actress for major, big-budget comic book films. And because Alba was an actress in big-time movies like Fantastic Four, she was able to reach out to a female audience because many women adored the innocent bombshell. She was bagging all these roles, including the gritty role in Sin City, that it made no sense when we started to realize that her career was taking a significant drop. The actress bounced back on her feet into Hollywood so quickly after the birth of her first child that that should have demonstrated her dedication to her profession, but being camera-ready so swiftly is what started the Jessica Alba drought.

Instead of breaking records, the bombshell who was known for her rom-coms quickly disappeared from the world filled with studded red-carpet events and award shows. In 2010, Alba’s film career vanished into thin air, and her disappearance from the big screen was mostly evident. Ever thought why? These are the questionable reasons as to why we no longer see the exotic babe.


Alba, unlike Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian, never had an admiration for being in the limelight; she was rather low key and never took part in the Hollywood nightlife either. When that happens, an actress gets little publicity and attention and therefore, dropped out of the spotlight.

And to top it all off, unlike many A-listers who find their other halves in Hollywood, Alba married your average and everyday hunk.


Not exchanging vows with a fellow actor causes the press and paparazzi to pay less attention to a star for the simple reason that they are not with someone in Hollywood. When Alba married her handsome husband Cash Warren, she settled into normal life with him and sank out of her professional life. A secretive life equals no life in Hollywood.


From Into the Blue to Mechanic: Resurrection, Alba had many film projects in between, but nobody remembers them, including the big-time Hollywood directors. Off the top of anyone’s head, it is hard to quickly come up with a role she was known for without reflecting and pondering. Most of her films were typical romantic comedies that are easily forgotten by audiences and directors alike, which did not lend to her career.

And so, by the late 2000s, the American beauty did not at that point have mega-hits credited to her name which led to her fall in fame.

Alba’s rise in popularity came through her role in the first Sin City movie due to the fact that she shared the camera with an ensemble of A-listers that lent to her rise, but that was not enough to keep the beautiful star on the top. Even though she rocked the spandex, people don’t really remember her.


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