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15 Rules Kanye Makes Kim Follow That Prove He’s Lost His Mind

Musician and designer Kanye West claims he is a “genius,” so the notion that he has rules for his wife Kim must make perfect sense to him, even if everyone else thinks he’s completely nuts. But perhaps Kim is cool with Kanye laying down the law. She may appreciate his directness and sense of control over the family. Who knows?

But some of these rules seem fairly unusual, even for a guy like Kanye. And why Kim puts up with them is questionable, to say the least. She is a savvy business woman who is fully capable of making her own choices about things, but she lets her man do all the decision-making. It is his way or the highway in the West household. And that is the only way Kanye likes it.

Did he always have rules for Kim, or are they developing over time? Maybe when they first started hooking up, he was far less rigid and was a go-with-the-flow kinda guy. But as time passed, Kanye’s true colors began to show, and Kim was subjected to his many random rules. Do Kim’s mom and sisters think these rules are OK? Surely Khloe wouldn’t stand for them for a second.

Here are 15 shady rules Kanye makes Kim follow that prove he’s lost his mind. And the fact that Kim is okay with following them makes us think she may be a tad off the rocker too. Would you follow such rules if Kanye was your main man?


When Kanye West is on stage performing his music, he has a strict rule for his wife Kim. She must never, ever let her eyes wander from the stage. All eyes must be on him for every song, every set, until the final curtain call. Why?

Apparently, there was that regrettable time she was caught texting during one of his performances and he blew a Kanye-style gasket.

So, she took his groans and gripes to heart and promised she would never get distracted at one of his concerts ever again. She may look like a zombie as she stares without even considering one blink, but as long as her man Kanye is happy, then so is she. Perhaps she ought to invest in a pair of dark sunglasses so Kanye is none the wiser if she dares to throw him an eye roll.


When Kanye and Kim are out to eat, she is not allowed to have her cell phone at the table. He wants her to be in the moment, not immersed in emails and Twitter posts. Makes sense, but Kim’s a busy woman.

What if she needs to take an important business call or quickly text back her “momager” Kris?

Does Kanye have to abide by the same no-phone rule at restaurants? Probably not, since he seems to have his own set of priorities. Of course, it is kinda rude to text over appetizers, but Kanye must have known what he was getting into when he got together with Kim. She is all about selfies and social media. Dinner for her must be agonizing when she has to keep her iPhone tucked away in the coat check.

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