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15 Things The Royal Family’s Lawyers Don’t Want Us To Know About Their Finances

The members of the British royal family are widely considered to be the most powerful people in Britain, despite the fact that it seems that many members of the famous family are only considered to be figureheads of the government.

The Queen approves many of the laws that pass through parliament on a regular basis but their income comes from the taxpayers of the United Kingdom. This means that much of the time many different members of The royal family are reduced to public appearances and opening’s of different venues to ensure that the moral of the country is always high and that they are always seen to be a crucial part of the upkeep of the country.

The finances of the family, who basically live off the British people, is something that has been kept secret for a number of years. Many of the things going on both inside and outside of Buckingham Palace that have not been shared publicly.

The royal family still seems to uphold traditional values, which means that they feel that they are things that should never be shared outside of their walls. There have been a number of secrets kept over the last few years centering around their use of money. The following list looks at 15 secrets that the British royal family has been trying to hide over the past few decades when it comes to their finances. Some of these are secrets that many of us would have tried to keep if we had the option to as well.

15. The Royal Family Has Been Forced To Reuse Outfits

For many women who are high up in society, it is thought that they are not able to re-wear outfits that they have already been seen out wearing in public. It seems that the Queen’s issues with her finances have reached the point where she has been forced to re-wear some of her outfits.


Back in 2013, The Queen wore the same pink coat and hat for four different engagements, looking like she had been forced to recycle a number of her clothing options. She also recycled an outfit in 2011, wearing a primrose yellow outfit to her grandson William’s wedding and during her tour of Australia as well. The fact that the family has been forced to budget out their money in recent years has resulted in The Queen leading by example.

14. The Royal Family Shops At IKEA

It’s a crazy experience when the public sees a celebrity shopping in the same stores that they do, especially since it is widely thought that many celebs who have a lot of money get other people to do shopping for them or have most of their furniture custom made.

It was revealed last week during a tour of Sweden that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton actually shopped at IKEA for their children’s bedroom furniture. IKEA isn’t usually a place where you would spot the Duke and Duchess, which means that becoming parents has really changed their outlook. There was recently a debate about the fact that in the U.K., many families are only allowed to claim benefits for two children, so it is unknown what position Kate and William will be in when their third child is born later this year. Perhaps they are shopping in IKEA to prepare themselves for the cut in their finances.


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