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20 Celebs Who Took Their Partner Back After Breaking Up


Nowadays we can’t turn on the TV without hearing about the relationship status of some A-list celebrity. They’ve either gotten together, or their partnership is on the fritz. Flick through the pages of a glossy gossip mag, and you’re going to find double page spreads awash with the latest celebrity relationship scandals and speculation. There are media channels, websites, and magazines dedicated to such topics for a reason. It’s what people love to read. Celebrity fans lap that kind of thing up. Who’s dating who, who’s been unfaithful, what is the latest scandal that’s rocking tinsel town? Fans of the celebrity world find those topics fascinating. You can’t help but feel that some celebs love the attention too. They get a kick out of the paparazzi taking their photo, baying for a story. Others hate it and deem it to be an invasion of their privacy. But let’s face it, when you become a major A-list celeb, in a way, your life can’t play out peacefully behind closed doors.

Some celebs are naïve in that respect. They do certain things, and don’t think they’re going to be caught. Inevitably, they get found out. Then it’s a case of getting down on two knees and begging for their partners to forgive them, and for the industry to not hold their indiscretions against them. Some celebs who’ve been found out have had their lives ruined because of it. They only have themselves to blame. Good riddance – we think most would agree that they deserve everything they get. But on occasions, betraying their partners hasn’t resulted in their relationships ending. They somehow manage to work through things and either stay together or get back together after everything’s revealed. To each their own, but most would probably agree that taking an unfaithful partner back isn’t a wise decision. But the heart wants what the heart wants. These are 20 celebs who – some may say stupidly – took their partners back after being betrayed.



The life of the Osbournes – where do we start? Wow, what tumultuous lives they’ve led. When we say “they,” we are referring to the whole family: Ozzy, Sharon, and the kids too. But let’s face it, all of their problems stem from one man and that’s Ozzy Osbourne. The guy’s a rockstar to the core and has led a truly insane life. Some of his antics are shocking, and it’s actually a miracle he’s still standing. What’s even more remarkable is that Sharon’s put up with everything for decades, even though it’s probably drained the life out of her. Just one scandal to rock the Osbournes was the adultery scandal that came to light in 2016. Sharon revealed that Ozzy was unfaithful with six women – six that she knew about anyway. She found out when he accidentally sent her a text intended for someone else. You can fill in the rest. Understandably there was talk of divorce being on the cards, but she actually forgave him, and they celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary shortly after. Amazingly, they let bygones be bygones. Sharon just can’t give her Ozzy up.


For a long time, it seemed as if nothing would rock Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s relationship. While celebs seem to be getting divorced left right and center, their romance remains strong and they seem indestructible. That’s why everyone was shocked when rumors of Jay-Z’s infidelity began to surface. At the time they were just that: rumors. But it was evident that something was going on. We later discovered the rumors to be true. The rumors arose in 2013. Incidents such as “elevatorgate,” where Beyoncé’s sister attacked him, led us to believe that things were serious. Beyoncé, though, remained silent on the matter.

Jay-Z eventually admitted he strayed in an interview with The New York Times Style Magazine. He also apologized for his actions in one of his songs. They used music as their therapy and managed to pull through. They’ve now been together for ten years and have three beautiful kids. Some may say it all worked out. Others still feel that Beyoncé should have ditched him and that she could do so much better. Whatever your opinions, the fact remains that they’re still the superstar celebrity couple of the celeb world.


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