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20 Luxurious Things That Lewis Hamilton Spends His Money On

For those of you who don’t know who Lewis Hamilton is, he’s a British champion F1 driver for the Mercedes AMG Petronas team. He’s won the World Championship four times in his time as a racer and he definitely has the paycheck to prove it. The amount of money this guy rakes in every year is actually mind-boggling.

I know that it’s a dangerous job driving at hundreds of kilometres-per-hour and so you better be getting paid a lot to make it worth your while…but that danger pay, plus the sponsorship pay, plus the championship pay, plus the product-pushing pay…Hamilton is making more money in one year than I’ll likely ever make in my entire lifetime.

He makes over 30 million pounds per year (being a British racer) which means he’s making upwards of $50 million each year when you take in his pay and his promotional stuff. So, let’s see how he spends his giant Scrooge-McDuck-style pile of money. From jets to cars, to women, to kid’s dresses, he throws an awful lot of money around.

20. $16.5 Million Bombardier 605 Challenger Jet

Alright. I have to be fair to Hamilton in this case. A $16.5 million jet is actually on the low end of what it typically costs for a…oh wait, that’s right. That’s meant to be 16.5 million pounds. So it’s actually well over $20 million.


Don’t get me wrong, it is a pretty sweet-looking jet. I would rather save myself the millions and just take the 1st class ticket in regular flights, but that’s just me. But I guess if you have so many of your own places in all different parts of the world, it may be much easier to get out to each of them with your own private jet. I definitely don’t know what that’s like, especially since I’ve never even had my own place. Maybe one day I’ll get some of that feeling, but I and most of you will be pretty far away from ever experiencing something like this.

19. $18 Million London Mansion

Let’s break this down. This is kind of important, in terms of how one spends their money. So Hamilton gets a several million dollar private jet…then he gets an actually fairly tiny mansion in London that is only a couple of million dollars more than the jet. I’m not sure how that makes much sense.

Just hop on someone else’s plane to get where you want to go and spend more money on sexy cars and women! I think that makes more sense. But when you’re worth over $130 million I guess it doesn’t really matter much to you how you blow your money. I’m sure there are many of you who wish you had so much money that you could just buy a jet, a bunch of homes, a bunch of cars, and a bunch of women. Well, keep dreaming or start driving.


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