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20 Odd Celeb Couples That Are Probably Not In Real Relationships


Some of the cutest couples come from people who are vastly mismatched. The experts say that opposites attract, and, in most cases, this is true but what about the physical aspect of it all? Some couples look like they would be into completely different hobbies, they dress different, they act different and they overall seem as though they have nothing in common. In Hollywood, there are a lot of these couples. Celebs are dating people who are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum not only professionally, but also physically and mentally.

Every week there is a new couple alert that boggles the mind of fans and haters alike. In fact, this might be the only time that haters and fans agree on something regarding a celebrity. Some couples leave people feeling like they are being duped. We are wondering just how some of these women get these men or better yet, how some of these men have the privilege of being with these amazing women. Society has to make sense of what is happening in Hollywood because some of the relationships coming out of that place are making us go crazy. Since when was it okay for a reality star to date a well-known actress or a basketball player to date an actress who looks like she doesn’t leave the safe haven of her upper-middle-class neighborhood. The couples on this list are leaving fans around the world baffled.


While both are musicians they still couldn’t be any further from one another in personality. Blake Shelton is a country boy, he sings country music and the last woman he was married to looked and acted nothing like Gwen Stefani. Stefani is an off the wall musician who likes to experiment with sounds and styles that are out of the box. So where does Shelton fit into this? The one thing they did have in common was they were both fresh out of relationships that were muddied with cheating rumors. The couple has had a very public romance since meeting on the set of The Voice and of course every week there is a rumor that they have either broken up or their romance is for show. It’s been a been years now since they first hooked up and it’s still weird to see the couple out and about together.



Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes refuse to confirm their relationship and that’s their right. However, they can only deny it for so long seeing as they have been spotted together several times. Really, why else would they be hanging out if they weren’t dating? They certainly don’t have enough in common to just have a good time together as friends. Whether they want to admit they are dating or not, they have to be one of the most confusing couples this year so far. Holmes was married to Tom Cruise and was a completely different human being when she was with him. Foxx is a comedian, actor, loud and out there while she is very low-key. How did these two meet and start dating and how are they still going strong? They run in completely different circles. Maybe this is just a joke Foxx is playing on his fans.


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