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20 Recent Paris Hilton Fashion Looks That Prove She Needs A Stylist

At this point, Paris Hilton has been living in the public eye for more than half of her life. She has never been much of a style icon but considering how much of a seasoned veteran she is when it comes to public appearances and highly photographed events, it is a bit of a surprise that her sense of fashion and style has never evolved beyond the clothes, accessories, hair, and makeup styles that she favored as a teenager. It’s possible that she sees the way she acts and dresses in public as a part of the “Paris Hilton brand” and therefore doesn’t want to change what has worked for her in the past but now that she’s in her mid-30s so it’s more than a little ridiculous that she’s continually cosplaying as Malibu Barbie. Aside from her style no longer really being age-appropriate, now it’s not even era-appropriate because it’s basically the kind of stuff that was considered stylish 15 or 20 years ago (and in some cases, it’s stuff that was never considered stylish at all).

Clearly, Hilton has enough money to afford all of the most beautiful and fashionable clothes in the world and she could certainly benefit from hiring a stylist. The eternal celebutante’s only real job is creating reasons to stay in the public eye. If you can’t figure out how to dress yourself at 36 then you’re probably not going to ever figure it out. So what are Paris Hilton’s most recent fashion looks that explain exactly why she is in desperate need of a stylist?

20. We Get It, She Likes Moschino


In case you couldn’t figure it out on your own, Paris Hilton was wearing this incredibly unique look to a Moschino fashion show for their Milan show in 2017. When we say unique look, we mean a head-to-toe black outfit that looks like something you would get on clearance at TJ Maxx that just has some faux accessories and a giant yellow Moschino logo screen printed on it. It’s kind of astounding that these are even designer clothes because it’s hard to see where the actual design element is. The only things that make the outfit different from any standard bland clothes are the detailing, which frankly just makes the clothes uglier. If this is what passes for an appropriate outfit to wear to a fashion show, then heavens help the fashion industry. If Moschino paid Paris Hilton to promote their brand by wearing their logo all over herself then they were probably better off just saving the money.

19. This Cut-Out Look Is A Little Over-The-Top

When it comes to her fashion choices, Paris Hilton has certain elements of a look that she seems to like a lot, or at least that she wears a lot. For example, she likes a super sparkly dress or a garment with beige cutouts, like with this look. However, this is kind of an odd red carpet look for a few reasons. First off, the breakup of the black detailing makes her torso look strangely short. Secondly, the sheer beige fabric that has been used for the dress is a different color on her chest and on her stomach, which kind of kills any illusion you might have had anyway. And lastly, the lining of the dress is peeking out absolutely everywhere, and it’s clearly not the kind of color or fabric that you’d want to be showing off at a formal event. With money like Paris Hilton’s, you should never be looking like a sloppy pageant girl in public.


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