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20 Wealthiest Athletes Who Are Ambassadors For Rolex

It’s hard to know when you’ve made it big as a professional athlete. How do you measure success? Some say it’s sustained brilliance and being at the top of your game for year after year. But that’s a mightily hard feat, one that very few have managed to achieve. That’s how you distinguish the true greats from the best of the rest. But you don’t just have to become a great to enjoy a decent, successful sporting career. Some show flashes of brilliance here and there, and that ends up being enough, enough to gain a ton of popularity and rake in the cash. There are a couple of other things that people use as a benchmark when it comes to measuring success. Who fairs highly in the popularity stakes is always something that equates to success. Cash earned is another thing. Earning cash through professional sporting contracts and prize money is one thing. But you certainly know you’ve made it big when you’re earning millions through sponsorships deals.

Having companies eager to sign you and willing to put together a lucrative contract to do so – that’s when you know you’ve made it, you’re more than just the run-of-the-mill athlete. One company that’s dished out a ton of these contract over the years is Rolex. The watch company has a strong association with the sporting world and some of the top athletes in it. It sponsors many sporting events and many top athletes from around the world of sport. A lot of the top athletes can be spotted with luxury timepieces around their wrists. They’re inclined to do so, seeing as how they’re paid megabucks to be seen wearing Rolex watches. Here are 20 wealthy Rolex sporting ambassadors.

20. Dwyane Wade And Gabrielle Union Are Always Spotted Wearing Rolex Watches


Rolex, for all the sports sponsorship contracts they’ve dished out over the years, isn’t commonly associated with basketball and the NBA. It’s strange how certain types of companies are associated with different sports. Watch brands generally don’t sponsor NBA athletes. They’re sponsored by food and drink brands, sneakers, etc. But in that respect, Dwyane Wade differs from the norm. At 36 years old, his stellar career’s still ongoing. He’s part of the old guard, but due to what he’s achieved, he has to be among one of the greats of the game. Rolex likes to associate itself with greatness. Dwyane has also attracted other watch brands. He’s been sponsored by Hubolt, but his Rolex watches have got to be among his favorite in his vast collection. His wife, Gabrielle Union, loves them too – she probably likes to make use of all the freebies he gets sent!

19. Jackie Stewart Has Been Working With Rolex For 45 Years

Jackie Stewart is a massive name in the world of motor racing. He’s getting on a bit now, and admittedly no longer competes, but he has created a legacy for himself that will live on through the sport of Formula One. He’s a British former Formula One racing driver hailing from Scotland, someone who tasted a tremendous amount of success on the track. He won three World Driver’s Championships, but arguably what he’s most notable for is his work off the track. When he stepped away from competing, Jackie was instrumental in helping to improve the safety of motor racing. He’s the kind of guy Rolex loves to be associated with – someone who’s legacy is going to live on and whose influence transcends from the sport to the rest of the sporting world. Jackie has been a long time Rolex ambassador, and has been part of the company’s image for around 45 years. He’s arguably more in the know about Rolex than a lot of those who work at the company.


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