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26 Paparazzi Pics That These Celebs Will Never Live Down

Celebrities, they eat like us, breathe like us, bleed like us, but unlike us, they have a swarm of flashing cameras capturing their every move.

From leaving the club at 6 AM to pumping gas and picking up groceries, the paps give us “normal” or “less glamorous” people inside access to every moment of our favorite stars. The paparazzi typically hide and hunt lurking for scandals, inappropriate behavior, ridiculous ensembles or a snap of what may appear to be a hidden baby bump. In the mix of their investigative journalism, are some pretty crazy moments that happen to make history.We’ve scrapped through some paparazzi portfolios, the good, the bad, and most importantly, the ugly.

Despite glow-ups and career transformations, public apologies, almost every celeb has had some highs and lows with the paparazzi. It’s moments like these that remind the public these talented superstars are still human. We’ve selected the 25 most epic paparazzi pics that these celebs won’t ever be able to live down.

Some you may recall, others we’ve dug up to resurface. Take a look at the images on our list below and the wacky stories behind these ridiculous celebrity moments captured on camera.


An animal rights activist wreaked havoc at the launch of Kim Kardashian’s “True Reflection” fragrance in London, under her eponymous perfume line, back in 2012. While walking the red carpet with her momager Kris Jenner, Kim stopped on the press line for a quick on-camera interview. Little did she know, an assailant was hiding among the press and paparazzi with a sack of flour, ready to douse Kardashian and the red carpet in flour. Witnesses from the event claim the culprit who attacked Kim screamed out “fur hag” while she threw the sack of flour, covering Kim’s long black hair, blazer and leather pants. This was one of several incidents where Kim was under criticism for wearing fur and animal-made fashion at her public appearances. There had been an X on her head from PETA for months.

Moments after Kim was escorted out by security, police and fire departments were called to the scene to investigate the incident. After the coast was clear, Kim returned to her event and even laughed about it in follow-up interviews. Today, Kim continues to wear fur and is still an enemy of the PETA state and animal rights activists.


We know every good girl has a wild side, and sometimes, when nobody’s watching, they need to let that wild side loose.

In 2015, Ariana Grande proved she wanted a taste, quite literally, of what it’s like to be bad. That summer, a security camera video caught 22-year old Ariana at a donut shop in Los Angeles with one of her back-up dancers.

Presumably, Ariana didn’t think anyone was watching when the vocalist snuck her tongue across a fresh tray of donuts (that she did not later purchase). Awaiting her donut order, Ariana went on a rant about “hating America.” She later apologized and said she was referring to the nation’s issues of childhood obesity.

She assumed the shop’s employees did not see her sneak a lick, but the security cameras did, and then the paparazzi got a hold of it and the media went wild. The whole endeavor struck fans by surprise, as her innocent pop star image was now tarnished. Many celebrities chimed in to comment on Ariana’s behavior, calling her rude and disrespectful, with clearly no regard for bakery health code violations!

After the video and pictures leaked, Ariana publicly apologized, twice! She claimed her comments were taken out of context, affirming she loves being an American. She made another video apologizing again for the licking incident. She revealed how embarrassed she was of her behavior and vowed to be positive influence moving forward.

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