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8 Most Fake A&E Shows And 8 With Some Truth

Many of you may already know how many terrible shows there are on channels like History or Discovery. It’s incredible how such once-important and educational channels turned into a stinking pit of garbage “reality” tv. I mean, “reality” tv is everywhere, but these channels shouldn’t be the ones airing it.

That being said, at least there are channels like A&E out there. They don’t pretend to have a mandate to put out only very real tv shows. They have “reality” tv all the time and they are called the Arts and Entertainment channel for a reason. There’s not a lot of art in “reality” tv, but there is a lot of entertainment for a lot of stupid people out there. A&E just knows how to capitalize.

Either way, that doesn’t mean that A&E doesn’t have its share of both real and fake shows. It might be entertainment, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be true. And while almost all “reality” tv is complete bullsh*t, scripted and stupid, that doesn’t change the fact that there are definitely shows out there that are far more real than you’d expect and shows that are far faker than they let on.

16. Fake – Paranormal State


Alright, do you want to know how I know that this show is complete BS and totally fake? Because the show is about ghosts. Did you want to know something about ghosts? Well, I’ll tell you anyway…they don’t exist! How the hell anyone managed to put together so many stupid “reality” tv shows about how ghosts are haunting this place or that, or this person or that, I will never understand. And some of these people really do believe that they’ve been haunted or have experienced a spirit of some sort. Then there are the people running the show who just make the sh*t up and try to “communicate” with the dead. It’s amazing how so many people buy into this stuff. They may as well call the show “Alien State”. I bet they’d get just as many if not more viewers. People are so gullible, it’s unbelievable.

15. Real – Born This Way

According to David M. Perry from Al Jazeera, “the show is … basically fine. The seven adults with Down Syndrome are interesting people living complex lives; their parents generally address the issues related to being a caregiver of a disabled adult clearly, and the show presents many honest and important moments. At its best, “Born This Way” shows its characters addressing work, housing, romance, friendship and other aspects of adult life that, perhaps, most viewers don’t associate with developmental disability.” Apparently, like most “reality” tv shows, there is some forced drama, but otherwise what you see is what you get with the cast of Born This Way. And that’s pretty remarkable. I’m almost shocked that these people haven’t really been taken advantage of in some nasty way.


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