Man reports car theft; gets shocked due to an unexpected twist

A man was in for a shock when his usual shopping trip was enhanced with a bit of drama in China. After parking his car, Huang came back to an empty parking spot. Detecting a theft, he panicked and called the police. Moreover, it was not just the loss of car that bothered him but also the fact that there were 5,000 yuan (Rs 51,992) in cash in the car, as stated by a Shanghaiist report. Interestingly, the actual turn of events were simpler than what the man assumed them to be.

According to a CCTV footage, there was no robbery or theft. On watching the 50-second video carefully, one can easily notice how the car, after being parked, ended up reversing on its own. This happened because the man had forgotten to use the parking breaks when he parked the car. As per the same report, it was due to the wind that the car was blown away almost 50 metres from the parking area. Fortunately, despite the mishap, there was no damage.

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