Pregnant woman deliberately trips 4-yr-old kid to ‘teach him a lesson’

CCTV footage of a pregnant woman in Baoji City, China, deliberately stretching her legs to trip a child is going viral on social media. and not only viral, there’s a lot of outrage as well since the child reportedly suffered a concussion because of the fall. The incident apparently took place on April 19, when the boy inadvertently caused the woman to spill her food as he rushed through the restaurant entrance and the plastic screen accidentally knocked onto the woman’s hand.

Both the woman and her partner gesticulated to the child, but he didn’t see them. Moments later when the child turned around to leave, the woman stretched one of her leg to tip the child. The couple didn’t even get up to help the kid up, and continued eating, as seen in the video. The mother had to come rushing to the child, who has been identified as a four-year-old with a congenital heart defect, according to local media. It was also reported that he suffered a minor concussion because of the fall.

Watch the video here.


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