Thief Steals UPS Packages From Front Porch, But Justice Comes Swiftly

We have been hearing the saying that ‘Crime does not pay’. It totally means that if you commit crimes then you will surely get punished. Now, in reality we often see criminals go without the penalty they deserve, but this time it was rather different. You might not believe in karma, but this thief will definitely think about it.

Surveillance camera captured an unknown woman trying to steal UPS packages from front porch. She steps out of the car, and and quickly grabs the packages when no one is looking. Now, it seemed like this would be an easy theft for the woman and her helper, but then justice steps right in.

Somehow, she managed to fall and break her leg! Unfortunately, they still got away with the packages, but I am pretty sure their next stop was at the hospital.

Check out the video and tell us what you think about it. Did the thief got what she deserved or what?