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Top 10 Animals That Inherited A Fortune

We all know that people can become attached to their pets. However, some people take it to such an extreme that they will their pets a fortune just to make sure that the animals are taken care of properly after the owner’s death.At times, the deceased’s surviving relatives are left with little or nothing. These surviving relatives may take legal action to overturn the terms of the will. Nevertheless, that did not stop some animals from becoming overnight millionaires.

10. Gunther III And Gunther IV

Karlotta Liebenstein willed all of her approximately $65 million (£43 million) fortune to her German shepherd, Gunter III. He received the money and assets after her death in 1992 and lived large until his own death. Thereafter, the estate, which was already worth $200 million, went to his son, Gunther IV. Gunther IV enjoys a life of luxury. He has mansions in Italy and the Bahamas and once purchased another mansion with eight bedrooms in Miami from famous pop singer Madonna for $7.5 million. He even got to sleep in the master bedroom where Madonna used to sleep.

Today, Gunther IV is worth over $400 million. He rolls in a chauffeur-driven limousine and has a maid and butler at his “bark” and call. He cools off by relaxing by his personal swimming pool, which is customized to his taste.


9. Trouble

Trouble, a white Maltese, inherited a $12 million fortune after the death of her owner, Leona Helmsley, in August 2007. While Trouble did not receive the bulk of Helmsley’s estate (most of it went to charity), she got far more than Helmsley’s relatives. The mausoleum in which Leona Helmsley was buried alongside her husband even fared better than many of her relatives. Mrs. Helmsley set aside $3 million to have it cleaned every year.Her brother, Alvin Rosenthal, received millions of dollars on the condition that he take care of Trouble. Two of Helmsley’s four grandchildren also got $5 million each on the condition that they visit their late father’s grave once a year. The other two got nothing.

According to Helmsley, they already knew why.Trouble soon found itself in trouble after the Helmsley relatives decided to contest the will in court. The court agreed that Helmsley was suffering from mental problems when she wrote the will and ruled that the dog should only receive $2 million of the initial $12 million bequest. The two grandchildren who originally got nothing were awarded $6 million by the court.


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